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Oliver Rust aka KO

My images and films Knock you out.

I love to tell stories. capture emotions, people and faces! 


Visual content is my language. 

Born with just one eye, I definitely see more than most people.

Intuitively, I feel other human beings and situations. To capture the little moments in between has something truly magical! 

Perfect imperfections, the balance and play between these two polarities (and others) - In my eye they truly make visual content fascinating and eye catching. 

Over 25 years ago I started my apprenticeship as a photographer… For 20 years now I’m self-employed. I’ve worked and produced all over the world and lived for a couple of years in Paris. Over all these years I evolved and developed my visual language while capturing almost everything that you can capture.

I’m an “All-rounder” and you can’t stick a specific label on my back. Exactly this keeps me flexible, creative, fresh and outside of the box. 

Love to get to know you and “knock out” your project, face, story, soul!


Vogue Men Arabia, Harpers Bazaar Arabia, GQ Middle East, L'OFFICIEL Switzerland, Essential Homme, VISION, Fashionisto, Lampoon, 160g, REVS, Hint, Gala, Encore, FACES... 


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