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Please find below a little selection of things I've been up to lately... As you can see, I love to challenge myself with various projects and different type of work around Photography and Film! 


Mama Tierra is a Swiss non-profit organization supporting indigenous peoples since 2015. Human rights activists founded the association to drive social change and gender equality for indigenous women in Colombia and Venezuela, while protecting Mother Earth.

I love the approach of Mama Tierra which is: Trade not Aid! 

Empower indigenous women through work and not in sending just money. 

This was a ProBono Project of mine and all the artists involved in the project. 

We shot the images in my studio in Zurich, my wife Karin painted the backdrop and as usual I also did the postproduction of the film myself. 

Big shoutout to my friend and talented composer James Becker. Love the music of the video! 

NGOt: @mama.tierra 

Model: @osymontero

Styling: @arianna_pianca

H+M: @daniela.isabella 

Film Music: @eschatunemusic  

Bag Design: @patriziastalder  

Fashion: @Jacquelineloekito, @sarah.bounab, @mourjjan, @rentaporter 




Finally this beautiful Project is out!!!

I photographed and filmed this Campaign in an afternoon, using just natural and soft daylight. Thanks to everybody on the set for moving the fabrics around the whole time! :-) 

Really Love the timeless and classy look of the campaign! 

I was also doing the postproduction myself and spent countless hours on the hunt for the perfect music for this clip. 


Client: @parfumsgres

Art Direction: @jonathonmckenna 

Model: @beatagrabovvska 

Styling: @kathrineckhardtstudio

H+M: @tanyakoch

Campaign Retouching: @stephaniewencekpostdesign

Flacon Retouching + Grading: @unserefarben

Production: @visualeyes_artists 


In collaboration with my dear friend and phenomenally talented hairstylist, Pablo Kuemin, we have birthed a remarkable creation: THE WIG-ACADEMY.


In 12 days we've been filming 38 Education Videos within the confines of my studio. We actually build Pablos Dream Atelier! 

The entire process of editing these videos, which boast a cumulative playtime of 720 minutes, consumed my time and energy for 4 months. With determination, I took on the task of postproduction single-handedly: overseeing the edit, sound design, grading, and every meticulous detail.

Countless late nights and early mornings were spent juggling this project alongside my regular daily work. The fruits of my labor have exceeded my expectations, and I am really proud with the results!

This experience has been a tremendous lesson for me. One of the most beautiful aspects of my profession is the constant opportunity for growth, learning, and expanding my skills and knowledge.


I eagerly anticipate the chance to work with two more brilliant Artists for this project in the coming year.

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